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Development web services

When creating or starting an internet business, there are various aspects that need be considered in order to succeed. Therefore, there is no reason to invest in one area and not in the other.

We combine our SEO services prices with web development, since there is no way to do SEO without creating or improving the website structure and code.

Our Web Development Services Include:

  • Creation or Reconstruction of any website from scratch..
  • Registration of domains and hosting services.
  • Creation of databases.
  • Website Consulting and creation professional design:
    • Banners, Buttons and Design in General.
    • Design in the right format – User friendly and easy to read.
  • Virtual Community:
    • Blog Creation.
    • Forum Creation.
    • RSS Feeds.
  • E-commerce:
    • Creation of product database.
    • Implementation of product pictures specs and description.
  • Payment Options:
    • US residence – Paypal integration with Paypal API.
    • Non US residence – Visanet – Verified by Visa Service.
  • Other Services:
    • Web Site Maintenance.
    • Insertion of Google analytics code and other services.
    • Get feedback and problem reports from Google webmaster tools and other services.
    • Affiliate Program Setup and Maintenance.
    • Web Site Log Analysis.
    • Implementation and modification of any open source code.