Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing – Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing – Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing includes everything that is related to increase traffic to web sites and their relevance on the Web.
Like in our SEO Service we believe that it is very important to count with our customers input as a start point of our Marketing Strategy.

Our Internet Marketing Services Includes:

  • Create Internet Marketing Strategy:
    • Define Services the Client offer.
    • Define who are the Customers.
    • Define what is a Conversion.
    • Define the type of the Conversions and categorize them.
    • Make a research on Competitors.
    • Make a research on Keywords.
  • Web Design:
    • Create or Change Web Design according to the Marketing Strategy.
    • Create Banners and Buttons for better conversions.
    • Advice on different Design Strategies.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click):
    • Create an account in any of the top ads providers.
    • Research related Keywords.
    • Create Ads and Banners.
    • Analyze past data (if available).
    • Create Related Campaigns and Keywords.
    • Analyze Results.
    • Improve Campaign or ads according to results.
    • Weekly Reports.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

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