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Google Changes Algorithm – Conclusions

Friday, June 26th, 2009

I am truely sorry I haven’t been writing for a while but since then I had 8 more clients and lots of website to fix/build.This post is the Conclusion of my finding about Google algorithm change, from my first post two month ago.

  1. Title exact word:
    Websites titles used to get the benefit on similar words or phrasing (similar to adwords broad match), but recently I have noticed that in SEO it is not like that anymore. For example we used to have titles like:
    “Travel tips, guides & information” and we used to get the benefits for:
    “travel tips”
    “travel tip”
    “travel guide”
    “travel guides”
    “travel information”
    But now when I have checked some of the results “travel tips” (just an example) is on the first page and “travel tip” is no where to be found as for the other keywords combination. I guess now the correct title for this website will be:
    “Travel tips, Travel tip, Travel guides, Travel guide & Travel information”
    Just make it longer (and ugly) but I guess this is the way it should be now, another option is to have your inner pages with similar content as the homepage with these variation of the keywords.
  2. PageRank Sculpting:
    For years I was using nofollow to help maintain the pagerank with in my site, after reading some of Matt Cutts articles.
    First in 2005 Seeing nofollow links.
    Then again in 2007 in numerous websites: Matt Cutts on Nofollow, Links-Per-Page and the Value of Directories.
    But recently Matt Cutts had change all of the with this article: PageRank Sculpting.
    It seems like Google does lower your pagerank flow if you have “nofollow” in the example he gives, if you had a page with pagerank 10 and you had 10 links in your site 5 of them with nofollow, the 5 without the nofollow would get 2 pagerank each.
    Since last year google had change that, the five without nofollow will get 1 pagerank each, so basically it doesn’t matter anymore if you use nofollow or not. Just help you to keep spammers away.
  3. Number of links:
    I have notice that recently pages with a lot of links (more than a 100) does not get indexed anymore or are being removed, I knew that before but never it actually removed a page from the indexing, I guess that Google is more strict with this rule, which in my opinion is very good. Keep your pages with 50-100 links and you’ll be ok.
  4. Since January we are seeing that pages update more frequently especially from blog posts, I believe there is better ranking for newer materials that means that if you blog frequently you might get better ranking on your posts.

Well that is all I could find out in recent months, it might have started before I have noticed it, but as we know small changes to google algorithm happens all the time, therefore keep reading SEO blogs and try your best to find out how to improve your website.

If you noticed anything else please comment about it.