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urNetwork specializes in SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Development.

urNetwork brings together new dynamic internet strategy, marketing and web development experts. We offer world-class expertise in building effective web to clients around the world We offer access to the state of the art in search engine optimization, website usability, search engine marketing, link building and much more. We enjoy delivering top positions in Google, semantic HTML code and quality visitors to quality websites serving their target audiences well.

Our mission is to bring the right traffic with the right keywords. We will work with the client to find the best marketing strategy to get to his goals.

urNetwork was founded by Ronny Farkash, who recently moved to Peru from Israel. Ronny is a SEO and an Internet Marketing specialist who has worked in the Internet field for many years. Prior to founding urNetwork Ronny worked in Fixya.com, one of the largest websites in the world, as User Acquisition Manager.

urNetwork (Your Network) is located in the beautiful “White City” Arequipa Peru.